Our cultures have opposed us. It becomes vital that they reconcile.

Pierre Alain Lemaître has just published « Une veillée de récits magiques » (An evening of magical stories), Le Lys Bleu ed. It’s a fiction telling an evening during which people, with various profiles (from children and teenagers, to old people), cite stories in which strange powers do impossible things. Everytime, what they tell refers to the difficulties of our time.

In 2021, Pierre Alain Lemaître had participated in the writing of « De l’Art et des femmes à Pondichéry” (Art and Women in Pondicherry), Abbate-Piolé ed. This is an Art book which presents a social action that Pierre Alain Lemaître chaired during several years, then it describes a technique of embroidery by appliqués, that is traditional in South India and, finally it shows Indian culture through more of 140 photos of the embroidered canvas made on site.

In 2020, Pierre Alain Lemaître published « Dépasser les antagonismes interculturels. Un défi vital pour le monde” (Overcoming intercultural antagonisms A vital challenge for the world’s survival), L’Harmattan ed. It’s an essay in sociology, economics and politics which shows that the different cultural characteristics of people crystallize and end up opposing nations. However, Pierre Alain Lemaître also underlines that if the cultures are sometimes divergent, they also reflect the adaptation to the living conditions of the people. Thus, they always change when the environment is changing… Today, they must evolve, because humanity faces demographic, ecological, economic and social threats likely to jeopardize its survival. The book emphasizes that these challenges are so complex that, to overcome them, the peoples will have to unite their efforts and, therefore, overcome their cultural differences and come to mutual understanding… and it indicates how this could be achieved.

Pierre Alain Lemaître had previously, in mid-2020, published another book entitled « Rencontrer les Autres… cultures autour du monde” (Meeting the cultures of others… around the world), Cleyriane ed. This is a travel book and an anthropology and ethnology essay which describes, based on anecdotes, the beliefs and uses that the author has observed, having worked and lived in more than thirty countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Earlier, in 2020, Pierre Alain Lemaître recorded a double audio CD, under the title “Dix contes de ma grand-mère bretonne” (Ten tales from my breton grandmother). These stories were quoted in his book « Contes et récits imaginaires de Bretagne intérieure” (Tales and imaginary stories of inner Brittany), previously published, in 2018, by L’Harmattan. In this book, referring to things he was told during his childhood, Pierre Alain Lemaître illustrates and describes the culture of poor peasants in central Brittany at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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